First blog post / Summer interns


Welcome to our blog! We’ve got a couple of media interns making some updates to the website, so we thought it would be great to get this blog finally up and running consistently.

We’ve had our awesome interns come and go all summer – for a few days we had all 10 of them here at once. They’ve helped keep the farm running as short term mission teams come and go.

We’ve also had some new staff members join us in the past years. Make sure to check out the Meet Our Staff page for updated photos.

We’re currently building a cabin for a new employee who is joining us in the fall to teach English to our workers and eventually to the surrounding community for two years. We can’t wait for such a great addition to our staff.

Make sure you’re looking out for some videos coming in the near future that give a detailed look at the ministry here, and for future blog posts!

– Reed (multimedia intern)


Our summer interns (from the left): Alex, Reese, Reed, Bruce, Mika, Libby, Megan, Eric, Cory, and Luke

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